Buing a radio on a Flea-market

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Buing a radio on a Flea-market

Postby V51JP » Thu Jun 09, 2011 6:17 am

What is said...
What it (usually) really means...

This rig puts out a BIG signal
It's 50 kHz wide

This is a really good CW rig
It doesn't work on SSB

This is a really good SSB rig
It doesn't work on CW

This is a really good rig
It doesn't work on CW or SSB

The transmitter is outstanding
It doesn't receive

The receiver is really hot
It doesn't transmit

This rig is really hot
It's stolen

It seems to be a vintage regenerative
It oscillates

I just re-tubed it
Got'em from questionable used tube stock

I just aligned it
The slugs on the transformers are jammed

I don't know if it works
It doesn't work, probably never has

It doesn't chirp
It doesn't chirp because it doesn't transmit

The audio sounds great
The 120Hz buzz is faithfully reproduced

I just had it serviced
I sprayed WD-40 over all the wiring

It comes with the original box
Just brush out the kitty litter

Better buy it now, cause it won't last
No translation needed

Sure, it works at full power
It sucks all it can from the wall

This rig has wide frequency coverage
It drifts up and down and out of band

Frequency stability is great
The VFO doesn't work - you'll have to use crystals

Real popular rig in its day
There were whole HF nets on the repair and maintenance problems

QST gave this one a really great
The language broke new ground for profanity

It might need a bit of tweaking
Marconi himself couldn't fix it, much less align it

It was used in government service
It was stored outdoors on a wooden pallet

The dial drive may need lubricating
The gears are stripped and the setscrews frozen

I plugged it in to check that it lights up
The light came from the two foot high flames

I'm selling it because I have two of them
I'm getting rid of my parts radio

You won't find one at a better price
Better from the point of view of the seller

This is a collector's item
The manufacturer just went belly up and won't honor the warranty

It came from an estate sale
If you have any problem take it up with the owner

I had it on the air just last night
And you thought the woodpecker was gone

It worked last time I used it
If it still worked I'd still be using it

The only lightning damage was a fuse
The only lightning damage I recognized was a fuse

I have the [] somewhere I'll send it to you
You'll never see the []

I'll help you carry it to the car
I'll do anything to unload this boat anchor

It works ok on 80 meters
It had some parasitics but I got in and really screwed it up and now I want to unload it

The tubes used by this rig are worth the asking price
The rig uses a rare 7360 beam deflection tube for a balanced modulator, but it's blown and you'll spend $80 to get a new one

This is the rig of my dreams I really wanted one of these as a kid, but now I've got to let it go
As I've gotten older, I've learned what a hunk-a-junk it is

The signal quality of this rig was easily recognizable in its day
The high distortion and bad audio quickly identified this rig

This rig will bring back the feelings and atmosphere of vintage ham gear
The bypass capacitors to the AC line put enough voltage on the chassis to give you a shock in the lips through the microphone, and it smokes so bad when you turn it on that you'll probably start coughing and wheezing

I'd keep this baby, but my wife is making me clean everything out
I finally got around to giving this thing the proverbial heave-ho

There are a couple of other people interested in it
Someone sat on it to tie his shoelaces while walking past the table

You'd better buy it now, because I'm leaving soon
The previous buyer and his brother, Guido, are heading back toward the table and they aren't smiling
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