Jota 2011 - 1st Tsumeb Scouts

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Jota 2011 - 1st Tsumeb Scouts

Postby V51Q » Fri Sep 23, 2011 9:40 pm

Greetings, bwana!

Long time no hear. Hope all is well!

JOTA/JOTI is creeping up on us. It's scheduled for Oct. 14-16 this year.
Can we count on you again for help? This year we have managed to get Etosha High School as our venue. We can use some of their computers for JOTI, plus green grass to camp on, toilets and water and some privacy. I'm sure it will be a lot cooler there than at the Scout Hall. We can find a nice spot for the antenna for JOTA. We'd really love to have you help us again as you did last year.
We had a great time and set the 1st Tsumeb record for cotacts and countried reached. Give it some thought, my friend. It would be great to see you, Rambo.This time bring your wife even! Let me know how your schedule is looking ASAP. We can't do it without you ... !

My phone at work: 067-2234049. Mobile: 0811228517.


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