Radar, Sitdaar of Rydaar and Emergency

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Radar, Sitdaar of Rydaar and Emergency

Postby v51pj » Mon Jun 11, 2012 4:53 pm

have been looking at Radar and fldigi together with flmsg

this gave me an idea that is open for discussion if any interest

looking at the amount of activity on last contests made thought of an idea to see how ready are we really as hams in case of anything

we are all talking etc but can we do what we preach?

looking back to flmsg - it is a predefined message form that can be utilized for any situation
now the beauty of flmsg is that it operates on top of any digital mode such as used in every day ham use when operating digital on hf

it can also be utilized over vhf

the flmsg is using predefined codes and the rx end just see this code and generate then predefined text/message etc on the form on the screen

now what does it have to do with this topic and getting activity boosted and seeing what we can do what we preach

the thinking is as follows

field stations, radar stations, fixed base stations all generate pre defined text messages and send it to the next station or a club station depending on conditions
in the text portion this station that rx the form add his info in text and forward it on to the next station until it reached the club station

the club station of course then have to respond that it had received this message to the sender and it is reversed back to the originator the way it was send originally

the club station then send this same form with the add-ins to sarl hq or coordinator
the coordinator now have proven copy of comms and they then respond back to club station
club station now have proof of its information rx at hq or coordinator

now a point system can be generated by measuring activity in the clubs as well as the activity of the clubs itself if in competition

the radar or field station can now act as a rover and move 1km further minimum and then send together with the form the new grid square back to club station or via other stations until it reached club station
the same process of returning information back to originator via same path to radar or field station and also to hq or coordinator

yes packet might do this but we are trying digital modes as a carrier of the format

in this way i think overcrowding of spectrum is cut down to a minimum, activity can be checked up to club and club member level seeing the preparedness of a club and its members in case of an emergency or whatever

we can utilize 2 frequencys in the digital spectrum
say one for long distance and one for short distance
this is then applied throughout zs and neighbouring countries

thus a radar or field station can now send a message via any active station using digital modes as a carrier and the more the better
the active stations can relay it to wherever and to whatever station in zs if needed
the aim is to test antennas, preparedness, stations capabilities etc etc and score points if in competition

so if there are not any activity at least forms can be send across and various digital modes can be tested and a point or more for each mode as well between active stations

again the aim is to use digital modes as a carrier of "vital" information and see how we can improvise etc and test our operator skills etc in real conditions

greetings from the namib

open for discussion

de v51pj
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