Jota 2013 - 1st Otjiwarongo Scouts

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Jota 2013 - 1st Otjiwarongo Scouts

Postby V51Q » Sun Sep 14, 2014 12:47 pm

World Scout Jamboree On The Air - JOTA 2012 in Otjiwarongo

“Hello to all Scouts and Pfadfinder from all over the world. We would like to introduce ourselves. We are the scouts of Namibia!” This is what it says on the webpage QRZ.com under the National call sign V55JOTA.
For over 30 years the namibian scouts take part at the yearly JOTA event where many different scouts from all over the world try to contact each other over Radio. This year Namibia had to scout stations taking part. The Otjiwarongo scout station with the national call sign V55JOTA ant the Tsumeb scout station with their call sign V55JAM.


Tursday mornig Michael (Rambo) Rudloff left with his Mitsubishi fully packed to Otjiwarongo. It was a 3 hour drive and freaking hot. Thank God for a air condition….! In the back of the car there was a Butternut 5 antenna (HF5B), an IC pro3, OM-Power 2000, 100m Coax and a lot of other stuff a ham needs…!

As I drove onto the scout yard I was greeted by my old scout friend Roland Hoppe-Speer. We offloaded the equipment and set the station up. This didn´t take long but the antenna was another story…! Hams that have a Butternut 5 know what I am talking about. It is a great antenna when it is up in the air and working. Getting it there working with a good SWR is something ells. It takes quite some time to shift and fasten all the different little parts in position if you want to have a nice SWR. But if you are JOTA-Fan as I am….. NO PROBLEM.
I learn from experience that it is better to be two days before a radio event starts on site because you never know what may go wrong or might happen. Luckily we noticed on time that the 12m “Flag/antenna pole” needed some urgent “Surgery” It worked for hours and hours till the wife’s called BBQ is ready (at 22h30). After the BBQ it took 6 guys to lift the Antenna pole. It was 23h30 so only 30 minutes to go before Jota starts. All together it “only” took 29 hours before everything was AOK.


Michael tested all bands 10m, 12m, 15m, 18m and 20m and had a smile on his face that we could tell everything was good. The SWR:

10m = 1,4 12m = 2,2 15m = 1,8 18m = 2,4 20m =1.2

The 20m band was open and we could hear quite a lot of stations. So Rambo (V51Q) gave it a go went on MHz 14.210.00 and called with the National scout call sign V55JOTA. A few seconds later a Ohio (USA) station answered then NY, Honolulu and 5 min later Michael had a pileup. The signal reports we were receiving were awesome. 5/9 5/9+ !!!! And the pileup went on for hours. Just after 5 in the morning the pileup was over and at 06h15 it was also lights out for Michael.


But only for a short time. At 07h45 we had to get up again. The first scouts wanted to arrive at the scout premises at 8 o´clock. So we quick had a sort of breakfast and a coffee so strong we would not have to worry to fall asleep for the next few days…! The Radio station was turned on again and with a sort of full tummy the day could start. Even if we had only 1,5 hours of sleep.


20m was still quiet but on 10m you could hear a few stations talking. Between 8 and 9 o´clock we made a few QSO´s and by 10 O´clock we were again in the middle of a pileup. We were called from all sides and also the first Jota stations were heard called and logged. By the time the first scouts came in and were eager to do there radio badge. To obtain this badge you had to know your phonetic alphabet and you had to log 3 radio stations. This the kids did one by one. Also the lil 13 year old girl Seraina Diekmann. Here first two QSO´s were a bit shaky… but after the 3rd one we could not get here away from the radio. With a lil bit of help here and there Seraina handled the National Jota Station without any big problems. And after about 1.5 hours she took over the station completely. This went on for a few hours. Seraina was literally the National Jota Station V55JOTA and the Hams worldwide went nuts waiting in a row to talk to here. At 17h00 the pileup started to drift away. Also on the other bands it was quiet. A few parents came by picking up there young ones, other parents brought sleeping bags for the bigger ones. After another great BBQ we all went to bed. It was a tough day.

As the morning before we were up at 8 O´clock. Rambo and Seraina had a rocket start and were at the radio station at 08h30 sharp. It did not take very long and all of a sudden you could hear stations from all over calling again. Michael and Seraina were in there elements again. They were talking and logging stations till 12h00 UTZ, and then Jota was over till the next year. We all were exhausted but happy. But I think the 2 happiest people were Lil 13yo Seraina and Michael. They did a really fantastic job.


Together they logged 703 QSO´s (Stations) 33 stations 13yo Seraina worked together with Michael and 54 Seraina worked by herself. Of this 703 stations 27 were other scout stations. For example:
Germany, Canary Islands, USA, Russia, Switzerland Scout HQ, Canada, Israel a.s.o

When everything was bagged and packed in Michael’s car, it was time to say good bye. Everyone was thanked for their participation and wished a safe journey home. A few ideas were mentioned for the next event and then everyone went their own way being a bit more informed what it means to be a radio amateur.
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