Knysna Heads Accident

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Knysna Heads Accident

Postby zs2cx » Tue May 24, 2011 10:59 am

One of my friends fishing vessels returned friday after a fishing trip.
the heads was not to bad but still dangerous as always,
the boat overturned and 2 fisherman lost there lifes at sea.
Unfortunately this is what fisherman fear most, the heads/
the most dangerous launching point in the Southern Hemosphere
"The Heads"

the western side rock (die paadjie) is run over with ease.
Die Paadjie is the road out to sea, u keep as close as u can to that rock as the sea will not break over it,
Well u can see the picture, the swell breaks over and we have had boats lying beyond that rock unreachable.
A sad story but a true one.

The heads have it's own navigational routes, there is no such thing as the road out to sea, each day is different, u have to read the conditions to know the way out or in, Tomorrow is always another day, (turn around and go home)

17 local fisherman i knew have losts their lives here in the past 35 years,

knysna heads cam
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Re: Knysna Heads Accident

Postby v51pj » Thu May 26, 2011 9:02 am

dit is slegte nuus

ek aanvaar die see was seker rof ook gewees

mens kan komentaar lewer want soos dei egsegde se

die beste stuurman staan aan wal

maar ja daarom verkies ek eerder 'n duin as 'n brander want ek kan weer en weer probeer tot ek oor is of moed opgee

jammer vir die ouens wat nie meer emt ons is nie en dankie vir hulle wat hulle lewe waag om daai ouens uit te gaan haal

de v51pj
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