Noise free SSB ?

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Noise free SSB ?

Postby v51pj » Fri Apr 29, 2011 6:28 am

Now i am reporting on this new "gadget" or wondertool i bought

it is called a "Sprachextractor"

or as we know it as the Lingua

it has 2 inputs with switch selectable
it has a filter on/off switch and then a seperate filter level and audio level control

it operate from 10-15.6v max
it does not have any plugs or adaptors - you make it up yourself

the dc adaptor connector is the same as you use for charging your handy or your torch light
the audio input uses standard 3.5mm mono or stereo male plugs
i used stereo as it is wired up to my soundcard interface already

i connect it to a fixed audio level output of the radio - found normally on the accessory connector of most ham rigs
if you dont have such an output don't let it bother you just turn the volume of the output down to an acceptable level for the "Sprachextractor" / Lingua unit

i tested it on HF and on VHF and was surprised with the result

it takes the Hissssssss out and leaves only crystal clear audio to listen to
yesterday i monitored 6m and could hear the visiting V5 station and the EU stations deep down when the unit is switched on. when switched off the hsssss level made it impossible to hear anything although the s meter did not show any level of noise
i tested it on 160m and could not hear anything but a s7 noise level - switch unit on and i could hear cw on 1.845 at a very low signal level with no s7 hssssssss in the ear

the radios i tested it on was a commercial IC-78 with a vertical and with a inverted v antenna and also the Icom 706mk2g using a 9elm2 yagi antenna

for us that does not have the latest dsp technology installed in our radios - this is the answer to hear that rare dx station not worked yet or even to be able to work dx when the noise levels are a bit high to hear some stations calling

cost is under R2k and available from zs1qo Klaus in Cape Town

de v51pj
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Re: Noise free SSB ?

Postby V51JP » Fri Apr 29, 2011 6:39 pm

here is the web link to the site: german: http://www.ing-michels.de/
english: http://www.ing-michels.de/en

and the manual:
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Re: Noise free SSB ?

Postby V51JP » Fri Apr 29, 2011 6:44 pm

listen to the audio samples!!! :twisted: very :twisted:


order here: http://www.comlab-vtq.co.za/default.htm
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