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Postby V51Q » Thu Mar 31, 2011 9:27 am

When wishing to obtain a guest license to operate amateur radio in another country, the following questions spring to mind.

1 How does one go about obtaining such a license?
2 What are the requirements needed for a guest license?
3 Where can one obtain the necessary forms?
4 What fees are payable and how can these be paid without going to the authorities personally?
5 What frequencies can one operate on and with what power?
6 What are the addresses, telephone and fax numbers of the Licensing Authority

Let us try and answer these questions as far as the guest license for Namibia is concerned.

1 Application must be made in writing to the Namibian Communications Commission (N.C.C.) at the address given below.
2 The requirements are (a) written application on the prescribed form (b) certified copy of your Amateur Radio operators licence and (c) the prescribed fee.
3 The application form can be obtained on request from the N.C.C. by writing to them at the addresses mentioned below

4 The fee at present is 60.00 Namibian Dollars (or 60 South African Rands.) A bank draft for this amount should accompany your application. To avoid unnecessary delays, the fee can be paid into the account of the N.C.C. and a copy of the deposit slip faxed together with your application to the N.C.C.

Banking Details

Bank Name: Standard Bank Namibia
Brach Name: Gustav Voight Centre
Branch Code: 08 27 72 00
Account No: 241 503 418
Account Holder: Namibian Communications Commission

5 The license granted is subject to such restrictions as to mode, power and frequency as may be contained in your home license.
The call sign allocated is usually V5/ followed by your home call sign, e.g. V5/OH2MCN.

License restrictions:
Power is restricted to 400 watts pep on SSB and 100 watts on VHF FM. The VHF frequencies are 144 -146 and 430-440 MHz., whilst HF frequencies are those adopted by the IARU Region 1 HF Band Plan.

7 Addresses of the Namibian Communications Commission are:

Postal Address Private Bag 13309, Windhoek 9000 Namibia
Physical address Communication House, 56 Robert Mugabe Avenue

Telephone and fax numbers:

Telephone +264(0) 61 22266
Fax number +264(0) 61 22279
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Postby v51pj » Thu Apr 21, 2011 6:26 pm

just noted that 6m and 4m is not mentioned in above description as well as the higher vhf frequencys, 23cm etc, normally used for EME and tropo, etc which is very popular on dx peditions

please ammend / correct information

de v51pj
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Postby V51JP » Fri Jun 03, 2011 1:20 pm

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