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Postby v51pj » Tue Mar 06, 2012 6:41 am


just for information only

i am planning the following

the new 6m beacon on 50.300 is up and running using a 3 el dk7zb design homebuild yagi
the old beacon is waiting on the crystal

i am planning a beacon for 4m and 2m as well

for the 4m beacon i will apply for a licence as it is not 100% approved yet

the 2m beacon i want to utilize a 2x 5 element commercial yagi array
this will be pointed in the southern american direction for testing for cross atlantic communication

unfortunately i still think the better place will be from swakop up north
as i dont have anything that side or know any hams that stay there it is a bit of a problem
i will install it on one of my hi-sites this side

apparently the best height is between 700m and 2000m above sea level
my qth and hi sites all fall within these parameters

but if we look at the Hepburn vhf ducting forecast site we see that ducting is more positive from say walvis up north

so yes this will be an interesting beacon project

for those that is not familkiar with cross atlantic tests - it is tests done on 2m trying to find a radio path across the atlantic on 2m.
many reports of ship to ship using portables were noted in the past so we know that conditions are there
the main trick is to find how to predict it and what is the ducting path it follows

de v51pj
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