Jota 2012 - 1st Otjiwarongo Scouts

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Jota 2012 - 1st Otjiwarongo Scouts

Postby V51Q » Sat Dec 29, 2012 12:14 am


On the 18th of October it was time for me to drive again up to the north to take part at the yearly scout JOTA event. This time the Jota event took place at the Otjiwarongo Scout HQ. For me it was a very special event course I was last active at this Scout HQ 18 years ago.

It was really a great feeling being back, seeing the howl, all the old scout camp photos….

Unfortunately this weekend was school holydays so only a few scouts (4) could come but this was more than enough to build a multiband dipole antenna. With a bit of help from the outside we dug a deep hole for a 15m high antenna tower. After a few hours most of the work was done. Later that night Reinward arrived taking a quick look how far we were. The next day (Friday) the tower was raised and the antenna (attached to a rope) was pulled up. Now we had to cut the antenna to the right length so that we had a good SWR on the different bands near the scout frequencies. This took a couple of hours but in the end at 05h00 in the morning all was perfect. We tested the antenna and made after a few minutes a few QSO´s (contacts) with a station in Ohio and one in Toronto. Our signal reports were 5/9, 5/8. So the Antenna was working 100%.


At the back: Reinward

From L to R Michael (Rambo), Moritz (Tu), Matthieu (Mult)

Saturday finally!

At 10h00 in the morning a last few adjustments were made before we went on the air. 2 Scouts showed up. But this was just fine. They had so much energy they could have filled a whole scout troop with it. The next 24 hours we had lots of fun. We made 188 QSO´s and a lot of them were also Scout stations. To name just a few he spoke with scouts from the US, Germany, Malaysia, Netherlands, Chile a.s.o. Our two scouts that were there and took part in this event amazed me every day. After showing them how to use the equipment and what they had to say, they started to work the station good. It was a pleasure seeing these boys talking with other scouts from all over the world.


Tu and Mult busy talking to Scouts in the Netherlands.

Our equipment used: ICOM 756 Pro III, SM20 Microphone, ICOM SP 23, OM2000HF Amp, Daiwa NS 660P SWR & Power meter. 100m Coax and for the multiband antenna we used 100m 10mm² copper wire.

At 12h00 we ended our JOTA event.
We had a great time and it was a big pleasure for me taking part at the Jota event in my old Scout HQ in Otjiwarongo.
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