Good Morning from New Zealand

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Good Morning from New Zealand

Postby V51Q » Wed Feb 06, 2013 7:19 am

Good Morning from New Zealand

I have been a radio amautuer for about 40 years, and at presentl employed for a commincations maintainence compay manly in the RF
field I use to be a IT engineer but with restructing in a couple of companies I have reverted back to job that I did my apprenticeship in
I live in a rural part of new Zealand that is manly sheep farming but is being taken over by dairy farming, We have a good plot of land
that we have some large pets on it ,and is good for antenna farming,Weshifted to the plot about 2 years ago and are still unpacking
box's of radio gear , where did it all come from, and lots of computer equipment that is now not much good as years have caught up
with it I enjoy all bands , this summer 6 meter dx was poor for me , solar flares didn't come over christmas , may be next year.so back
to the HF frequencies.,

NZ has the same ethos as Namibia, love our sport,
At present have two projects taking up the brain cells , a 80m phased array and a HF linear.
I have never worked equatoral Africa so think if i can strike up a relationship with your operators ,it would be a good testing ground.

Ross ZL3DC
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