V55JOTA - 2015 Scout / Pfadfinder Jamboree On the Air

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V55JOTA - 2015 Scout / Pfadfinder Jamboree On the Air

Postby V51Q » Sat Jan 23, 2016 4:57 pm

Radio transmitting and Scoutlink.net over the weekend... a big BANG

Every year the 3rd weekend in October JOTA (Jamboree on the Air) and JOTI (Jamboree on the Internet) a world wide scout event takes place. JOTA and JOTI is a event where scouts from all over the world communicate with each other either throu Amateur-Radio or the Internet.
This year over 1.3 million Scouts and Guides communicate with one
another across different towns and all over the world.


In charge of this event in Namibia is Michael „Rambo“ Rudloff the National Jota & Joti Coordinator. "For us Scouts it is the event of the Year, next to the National Camp. And we make a 110% sure that other scouts from all over the world can hear us." Just for this occasion, Scouts of Namibia HQ in Windhoek has a complete operating Radio station with Transceivers, a OptiBeam 17/4 antenna and a internet chatt-shack. More we don't need.


From Friday 12 o'clock till Sunday 12h00 o'clock the scouts of Namibia started to chatted on scoutlink.net and transmitted on all bands (10m to 40m) like there was no tomorrow... Every one was busy chatting and talking to the world giving there best. This all sounds easy But there is more to it as it seems. Every contact a scout makes must be logged with Date, time, location ect. At the end of this weekend two trophies (Jota and Joti) were waiting for the one with the most contacts.

After 48 hours all contacts were counted.

This year Scouts from 1st Tsumeb, 1st Otjiwarongo, 1st Windhoek, 3rd Windhoek, 5th Windhoek took part at this event.

Most of our scouts did chatt throu the internet witch is a bit easier than talking over the radio. But a hand full had the guts and did communicate thru radio. This type of communication is a bit more complicated, but the moment you get used to the "Noise-box" Radio-communication is even bigger fun.
This years Radio operators were: Michael Rudloff (V51Q) Seraina Diekmann (Almost Radio amateur) and our newest radio member Silke Redecker. All 3 were operating the National scout station V55JOTA and boy did the world hear us....!

Although the propagation was not that good the scouts of Namibia made there mark in this years event. We made contacts all over the world and met also our old radio friends from earlier events: Michael and Susi from Austria OE3J, Mark DO4DXA and the Scout HQ HB9S.

The JOTI-Trophy went this year to Christian Strohbach (1st Windhoek) with 313 Internet contacts. Just behind him with 306 contacts was Katja von Blottnitz (5th Windhoek)

The JOTA-Trophy went this year for the 3rd time to our "Almost radio amateur" Seraina Diekmann (15yo) from 1st Otjiwarongo. She alone did 501 QSOs (contacts), 300 more then last year. We are also very happy to welcome Silke Redecker in out JOTA team. She as a beginner did another 50 contacts by herself, bringing the total radio score to 1222 QSO´s.


This year we made 2361 contact in 74 country's all around the globe.
1222 contacts were made by the Radio (JOTA) group and 1139 contacts by the internet (JOTI) group.

Just a few to mention from the JOTI group: Indonesia, Norway, Sweden, England, Oman, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Argentina, France and for the first time in 6 years a Joti-chat from Russia was logged.

A few Scout station worked by the JOTA group: Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Japan, Reunion Island, Benin, China, Columbia and Australia.

We all had a blast of a weekend with a lot of fun.... The only thing we did not have and that came to short was our sleep....! But we all would do this over and over again. Just the next time we would ask Telecom not to do any work on the internet line during our Scout competition.

Achim Foldur & Katja von Blottnitz
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Re: V55JOTA - 2015 Scout / Pfadfinder Jamboree On the Air

Postby K3KKH » Mon Nov 06, 2017 5:51 pm

Great Job, congratulations. I have a question about QSL cards. Your QRZ page has a paypal link for QSL cards but every time I try to use it I get an error message. Is there another way to get a V55JOTA QSL card? I contacted V55JOTA on Oct15, 2016 at 1803 UTC on 21.250.
Stan, K3KKH
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