SWR meter DIY

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SWR meter DIY

Postby zs2cx » Thu Apr 21, 2011 6:04 pm

Its winter time soon, u gonna need something to do,
so order some 50 uA meters from electronics 123 or Yebo, maybe rf parts or Rabtron electronics.(47 bucks a pop)
Oh yeah and a couple of resistors 1 off 5 watt and the rest 1 watt , remeber the variable 2 legged piece of carbon resistor too :oops:
Diodes aint critical any old germanium thingy's will do, so check in that junkbox. :roll:
Fittings of your choice for the antenna ant radio connection.
for about 350 bucks u can have a good qrp to 500 watt meter,
oh well u can buy one for about 750 bucks, new or just build it cause u can :geek:
No rocket science or engineers degree needed.


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