That famous Beverage 3 miles long

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That famous Beverage 3 miles long

Postby zs2cx » Thu Apr 21, 2011 7:43 pm

Uhm no chaps,
i only have about 160m at the most to the east and north 120m west 52m.
so i decided to test this beverage thing to cut the noise and make reception better.
The first of was a snake antenna, u can google that one, :arrow:
but i ended up with 3 wires about 4 foot of the ground, 46m, 96m 160m long, for no other reason than that was what i had in total.
46m proved very good on 80m band and the longer one ok but not super on TB.
so i spaced two wires 40m apart and made them the same lenght, 160m
i installed on each far point a 450 ohm resistor 5 watt (was all i had) then later changed to 600 ohm.
conected to a wafer bandswitch and theb to the 9:1 balun.
so ...i can switch inbetween my 3 mile long beverages :mrgreen: ( ok 160m long then) :roll: (wish they were 3 miles long).
Hey it works, many a eve i worked dx on tb and 80m, and like nowadays just TB.
i tried my hand at a pre amp which proofed fatal,to much noise when pre amplified :o


this circuit is all over the net, so i drew my own, not copied from the www. wherever.
i used two toroids glued them together.
they are dark green in colour from some old psu.
i know i have a picture somewhere and will post it here as soon as i can lay my eyes on it.
Anyways... u need three wires(skoopie doepie) u remeber those wire u played around with as kids, making bangles and the like....
about 600mm ought to do it. pick 3 diff colours, easier :lol:
now twist them together with a battery drill, in one hand and the other end of wires in yer hands hey...
So done.... ok now just wind three turns through the toroids. start with the right hand push the wires through, when u pass your left thumb, thats one and so on.
see the sketch.... :mrgreen:
try it , the 46m version works like a charm on 40m when band is noisy, if ya use doom, u can hear the flies drop with it
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Re: That famous Beverage 3 miles long

Postby V51Q » Fri Apr 22, 2011 10:02 am

Hi Jhon,

There are some ideas going throu my head now....! :D
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Re: That famous Beverage 3 miles long

Postby zs2cx » Fri Apr 22, 2011 12:07 pm

Mike it works ok, expect to hear things otherwise in qrn with ordinary dipole pairs or on a vertical.
now where do u upload your sounds too?
do u have a prefered server?
pse help.
then i can let u rx to the diffs in bev and dipoles etc.

LISTEN HOW THE BAND CHANGES TOWARDS THE END,,, he will come up s8 on the dipoles, thats just 80m :twisted:

Sorry chaps my audio link wont activate in the forum browser :oops:
but u can rx to it on that link,
u will hear the noise level drop,S/N comes up and Robin is clearly audible, this was a very noisy evening as ROBIN is most often 59+ ON A DIPOLE.
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