6M and 4M

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Re: 6M and 4M

Post by v51pj » Fri Apr 20, 2012 5:19 pm

just for interest

i have spoken to Richard from CRAN this afternoon and he says we can use 4m as long as we stay with the amateur band plan
if we want to experiment or use a frequency out of the amateur band we need to apply for a private licence

so yes gentleman

it seems 4m is legal in Namibia
just remember to stay horizontal polarized and if there are private users on the spectrum remember they were there first and have a private licence to operate there. just move away and carry on testing

i have done 4m tests on FM with zs6nk and zs2acp and it was crystal clear comms using only 35w and a 6 el yagi for 4m
yes we did use WSJT but we also did voice for the fun of it. and v51NAM has it in its logbook as well as a new record on 4m FM and SSB for Namibia - sorry the ZS 4m record was broken the next weekend. between zs6nk and zs1agf

my yagi design is the dk7zb but yes you can use your own design as well

there are many EU stations looking to work us on 4m as well
nothing is impossible on 4m

de v51pj

Re: 6M and 4M

Post by v51pj » Wed Jan 04, 2012 7:46 am


just a 24hr log picture of v51 beacon as heard and monitored in cape town by zs1agx OM Robin

de v51pj

Re: 6M and 4M

Post by v51pj » Tue Dec 20, 2011 5:34 pm

i have installed a new 6m beacon received from Robin ZS1agx at my qth

the tx frequency is 50.300

output power 35W and running into a 9EL M2 yagi

at this stage pointing between PE and CT as Robin is busy testing and writing software for monitoring meteor bursts

so far so good as he received the first pings within a short period after switching on the beacon

i want to thank Robin on behalf of the Hams of V51 for this generous gift
the beacon is called the Jinx and the beacon is transmitting V51SIX in clean CW

de v51pj

Re: 6M and 4M

Post by V51JP » Mon May 02, 2011 9:23 pm

QSO in 50Mhz from JN44KK to JG88CT (7332 Km)

video was postet by IW1QN in Bella Italia :D

sorry should have mentioned

Re: 6M and 4M

Post by v51pj » Mon May 02, 2011 9:02 am

wow thks for this input Werner
here i only heard them very deep using the Sprachextractor but this is a nice copy

i assume this is Martin's setup
noticed he also uses a Stepper antenna - yes it is a good combination and the results people get from the stepper is like a dream come true
mine will also be here one day hi!!

de v51pj

Re: 6M and 4M

Post by V51JP » Sun May 01, 2011 10:05 pm

Re: 6M and 4M

Post by v51pj » Sun Apr 10, 2011 10:16 am

just for information only
this morning me and zs6nk dit a test on 4m using FM instead of ssb

we used fsk441 as digital mode as meteor scatter was the only way of communication available
meteor pings were not as freely available as wanted /expected

we manage to finish the qso in abt 10 minutes

now this make it easier for anybody to get active on 4m
all you need is a commercial fm rig with the frequencys programmed

a soundcard interface and the wsjt version 9 software package
a yagi antenna will help a lot - i build my own using the dk7zb design but various designs are available from the internet

mine is about 6m above the ground

now lets get active and do tests on 4m as i am available for skeds on 4m and 2m and 6m
70cm still need a place on the mast and all part of projects - but material is always a waiting problem - not freely available here for the building of new mast and extension for existing mast and mast for satelites and eme communication

but yes let us get active on vhf

de v51pj

6M and 4M

Post by v51pj » Sun Apr 03, 2011 10:38 am

just some pointers for 6M and 4M operation

in the afternoon from about 13h00 UTC the 6m band gets active with video signals picking up and slowing down abt 15h00 and then picking up agn from about 18h00 till late.

48.239 Iran
48.249.7 TJ
48.249,9 5Z
48.250 A6
48,242 mauro

beacon spectrum is from 50.000 to 50.100
calling / listening freq is 50.110 ssb
but if band opens just move up

cw portion is between 50.100 and 50.110
ssb - usb is upwards
digital portion is from 50.190 up

on 4m which is still a new band here the standard is to listen on 70.200 or around it for activity
4m openings tend to follow a path straight north which put us in line with Italy - but no 4m allowed yet in Italy

we normally log on to ON4KST website where we all meet and discuss things and talk vhf

yes 6m is also very active on EME

a moderate 5el yagi and 100w combined with digital is enough to work somebody via EME on 6m

good designs for homebuild is available on the webb
i use the DK7ZB designs as it is simple and easy and it works every time

de v51pj

pieter jacobs