digital modes

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digital modes

Postby v51pj » Tue Mar 06, 2012 7:17 am

there is a new digital mode available for use on meteor scatter using the vhf and above spectrum

this package is called PSK2K - just type into google and download - look for latest version on download site

the results from testing in EU and around looks very promising

the big drawback for most might be the fact that MATLAB must be downloaded first
this as about 190mb

once it is downloaded the actual package is small - about 6mb

there is a MCR test software that must also be downloaded - the purpose of this for us at this moment is to see where MATLAB is installed on the pc
this is where the PSK2K package must be installed as well

once this is done it is 1,2,3 and you are operational

just for information
i had done a few upgrades and found that none of them work at all
this had me worried
i found that if you do an upgrade you must delete the old version of PSK2K completely
i only changed the name of the folder but it was not the right thing to do
when i deleted the old folder all worked 100%

last night was version 5.2 already and it looks better and better everytime

yes it is still under Beta testing

the beauty of this package is that it can handle qrm
by this i mean it was designed for contest in mind

you can have many users on same frequency and it still decodes each one seperately

why and how

if you look at a signal hitting a meteor trail it affects the frequency a bit
this is not the same change for all listeners as it has doppler added to it
now knowing that that person is coming in on that specific DF you can now decode him as all else are filtered out

the wsjt program has a function fsk441 but the problem is that if many users on same frequency it does not decode and if a burst is too strong the same problem

so yes this going to make a drastic change in the MS operation

o yes another feature is that i also has an auto mode
once it detects a ping it will decode and finish the qso automatically

this is also good for beacon monitoring
now we can have beacons all over on same frequency and even if you hear them all you can still decode each one seperately

the author is working on an eme version as well
nothing released yet but his test results in lab look very promising

this will be good especially as we are doing research for cross atlantic comms using 2m and the wsjt was the only package available then
yes we had very promising results but unfortunately because we are using digital processing all must be 100% before a decode can be done

as technology gets better and software developed faster yes it look very promising

on wsjt there is a package called jt65 - this is specifically designed for eme
they have modified it also for use on hf and yes even when nothing it decodes signals and make dx hunting a bit more exciting

de v51pj
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