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80 TO 10m in a breeze

PostPosted: Wed Apr 20, 2011 10:45 am
by zs2cx
So u have those aluminium pipes lying around to build that 12m monster beam..... but u never get around to it hey...
Oh well why not get them planted about 16.5m apart, u wont need to water them i promise.


if this antenna is to big remember we can scale it down to a 40m version by halving the values correctly.
higher is most often better, even with verticals, and i dont care what uncle Bob with his glasses or without says, the proove is in the pudding :evil:
so if ya stick this thingy up higher expect better results, that beieng said : a low antenna in the clear from manmade obstacles, is a definite winner.
CROC :evil:
i like this devil :evil: even this one :twisted:

Re: 80 TO 10m in a breeze

PostPosted: Mon Apr 25, 2011 8:36 pm
by ZS6UD
A few questions:
1. If we double up the lengths can it then be used on 160 to 10?
2. Will it give better results than a 160 loop?
3. How does the length of the open feedline effect the length of the antenna wires?
Dave D

Re: 80 TO 10m in a breeze

PostPosted: Tue Apr 26, 2011 9:32 am
by zs2cx
Hallo "Uncle Dave"
and good to meet you eye to eye, the sunday afternoon :lol:
Dave the lenghts was optimized, although it is a 80m dipole really, look at the different lenghts in wave lenghts versus frequency.
i will see what i can come up with, in lenghts, but i think that tuner will have to be a much bigger candidate in caps and most probably a T tuner, with 1500pF value caps.
i will check it out, it will tune topband... but TB needs lenght or rather resonance to work well.
In short yes u can do it, remember not just doubling it but rather get tb freq with adequate lenght. like a tb dipole, the poles will have to be much higher :cry: doing a TB version will give lotsa gain on 20m band....Noted on these antennas that it dont like, 15m, although it works.
Try and search about antennas and harmonic bands versus impediance ... interesting stuff.
The other "nice ting" about homebrew antennas is...its a piece of wire untill u put fire in it :mrgreen:
Dave if the space is a problem try a shortened dipole, same lenght as 80m but have a inductor in each leg, about 170 turns 1mm wire, 5.7m from the feed point.
yes n0.1
Nope on no. 2
cannot remember 3 now :oops:
oh yes ok... Open feedline... not my speciality but, u can run open feedlines for miles without any difference or very little

dave some blokes used tuned feeders with success and others string it up, tune it and go. :mrgreen: and it works both ways.
we do not have all the space to try a 3mile open feeder here to test it.
And.... why not just stick the tuner in a harware box right at the feedpoint and run coax to the radio :?:
lot-so ways to kill that rat :|

ok so far for now..
hope i got them all
...and ps... remember what makes the antenna work is current, and the nodes where they appear gives the character of any antenna.

Re: 80 TO 10m in a breeze

PostPosted: Tue Apr 26, 2011 7:44 pm
by ZS6UD
Yep meeting you on Sunday was real great!! :lol: BUT the reason I was down there has cropped up again today sooo may see you soon again.....waiting for for spares from dutch land....will let you know.
Me thinks that I will give the 160 loop a shot, if I'm not impressed I will go back to the 160 dipole I had up and then get the 80 breeze up and try that out.....thats what it is all about, try, try and try again. Not so? :roll:
Thanks for the feedback.
Dave D

Re: 80 TO 10m in a breeze

PostPosted: Wed Apr 27, 2011 10:42 am
by zs2cx
betta stick that loop up high, if u want to work me down here :P
of all the chaps i know that had a 160m loop ,most took it down within a week :oops:
not beacause loops are weak :? , but rather not having the high tower we need for TB.
even on 80m i prefer the dipole, now u have been here and u have seen the hight i am using, plus the 12m sheer drop embankment helps to raise the mast by 12m to the south,(where the loop is installed 32m high).
I have tried lower with less success.So to me its also a question of what works for me, and like u say, the testing is part of it.
i liked the inverted L antenna as well and was suprised at what i can hear with it (better that the dipole) but on transmit it was not a contender, the dipole beat it every time on local and dx, that goes for the vertical as well.
In all Honesty i dont think we need low angle radiation on TB :twisted: Comparing the dipole and the vertical with 68 radials on TB which is not perfect (i KNOW)
the dipole brought in all the dx, where as the vertical could not work them or hear them.
Based on what i have worked locally and dx wise i am a firm believer in a high dipole for TB.

Now dont let this put you off by all means
Peter 1jx works with verticals and he is satisfied with dx performance.
Alex 1l had a loop 10m to 11m high for a while and went back to the dipoles.
We do not have to believe if we are keen consructors, we test for ourselves :lol:
Most often u hear: what worked for him dont work for me.

Antennas are strung up in a less perfect world than we live in, contributing to the fact is the way we install our antennas and how much effort goes into them; for example a perfect radial system with 180 radials will set u back quite a few BOB and will mean 3 days hard work of burying them with a machine, concrete work, etc.. then the need to build a 19.8m high vertical to withstand the elements of nature, and to top that a good match to 50 ohms, capable of high power; along with this the need to hear them, to work them, u need a receiving antenna capable of matching your transmitting capability. :twisted:
Not a easy task at hand with a 200m by 200m property, and then we live on post stamp size properties with 15m masts,EISH...
We dream of them 100m masts with antennas dangling, and yet "BOB" with his 10m mast and a TH3 is having fun on a 20x20 erven :D
String it up Dave..string it up. :mrgreen: