Namibian Repeaters

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Namibian Repeaters

Postby V51Q » Thu Mar 24, 2011 5:12 pm

Regional Repeater:

2 m Tx: 145.050MHz
2 m Rx: 145.650
80m 3755.0 MHz LSB

Tx: 145.175 MHz
Rx: 145.775 MHz
CTCSS tone 88.5 Hz

City Repeater:

Tx: 145.100 MHz
Rx: 145.700 MHz
CTCSS Tone: 88.5Hz
(Temporary Disabled)

70 cm Repeater:

Tx: 431.275 MHz
Rx: 438.875 MHz
CTCSS Tone: 67.0 Hz

Echo-Link Windhoek:

Node Number


145.500 MHz
Node Number


2 m Repeater:
Tx: 145.000 MHz
Rx: 145.600 MHz
CTCSS Tone: 71.9 Hz
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Re: Namibian Repeaters

Postby V51JP » Fri Apr 01, 2011 8:53 pm

soon to come:
Rosh Pinah, covering southern Namibia and the Richtersfeld
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Re: Namibian Repeaters

Postby V51JP » Sun Jan 29, 2012 8:30 pm

rosh pinah is on the air!

swakopmund is off the air (OM Jaques moved away)

gamsberg voting repeater is running! please test and report back, we rwaly would like to know how far it works

D-Star soon up and running in Windhoek (small hic-up with the gateway)
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Re: Namibian Repeaters

Postby v51pj » Fri Feb 10, 2012 9:35 am

report on Rosh Pinah repeater

the coverage has been tested while i had to drive various routes

i triggered it just outside steinkopf just before the henkries turnoff and all the way along the road to vioolsdrift - partially coverage

from noordoewer towards aussenkehr i start triggering the repeater just outside noordoewer

the road to aus from rosh pinah - fully covered
the road to oranjemund and oranjemund - covered with a mobile antenna
the road from oranjemund to port nolloth - covered but as you get closer to port nolloth partially coverage

i did not test it in keetmanshoop but i know my other repeater on same site do work there as well as the road from keetmanshoop to noordoewer it has partially coverage

so yes when in this part of the country please feel free to use the repeater

tx 145.175 pl 88.5 and rx 145.775
if i can get registered at echolink i will connect repeater through but me and echolink eish another issue
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D Star Repeater V53W is on the air !

Postby DL1ZU » Mon Feb 20, 2012 5:11 pm

Hi folks,
I found following news on Southgate Amateur Radio News:
D-Star in Namibia V53W

Hams in Windhoek, Namibia now have a D-Star repeater.
Thanks to the help of Jochen DL1YBL and Hans-Juergen DL5DI it was possible to get the D-Star repeater up and running.

The biggest challenge was a stable data conection to the internet and this was solved with a 3G HSUPA connection and the help of the biggest Cellular Provider in Namibia.

The Repeater will be moved to the high site as soon as I am satisfied that the repeater is performing corectly.

Please visit www.qsl.net/narl for more info

Congratulation to this big step into a new technology !!!

Martin, DL1ZU - V5/DL1ZU
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Re: Namibian Repeaters

Postby V51JP » Thu Mar 01, 2012 8:32 pm

Danke Martin :D
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