The Radio Amateur ..........

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The Radio Amateur ..........

Postby V51JP » Wed Apr 20, 2011 10:13 pm

* The Amateur is considerate . . .
* He never uses his station or hobby in such a way that is will cause offense to others or lessen someone else's pleasure.

* The Amateur is loyal . . .
* He offers encouragement and support to fellow amateurs, his local club and those interested in the hobby.

* The Amateur is progressive . . .
* He keeps his station abreast of science, efficient and his operating practices is beyond reproach.

* The Amateur is friendly . . .
* Always patient, considerate and offers assistance as well as advice to beginners

* The Amateur is balanced . . .
* Radio is his hobby but he does not allow radio to interfere with his duties to his home, employer or community.

* The Amateur is patriotic . . .
* His knowledge and station is always ready for service to his country and community
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