4cx250B 80m to 10m

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4cx250B 80m to 10m

Postby zs2cx » Fri May 13, 2011 4:48 pm

Hey... busy with a project for a friend,
simple straight forward, 80m to 10m 400 watts at most.
1450v max on anode, 6v heater.
can be uded in GG although not recommended, that's what i am going to build (GG) ,
so we can feed it with 100 watt transmitters
Pins 2,4,6,8, connected together (cathodes) ,grid is connected to cathode via 100 ohm resitor.

i could have gone the 2 tube way but the HT transformer i am using is good for 200ma maxxed
It makes the amp light in weight, as i have to send it by courier to my pal.. :mrgreen:
i havent a clue how this amp will end up working, spurious bla bla bla :mrgreen: but thats a problem for later when i fire it up..
with remedies etc.
in the bottom right of the photo is shown the diffs in valve bases: be carefull as some have all cathodes earthed like the left hand side one, its the flat tipe bases u need to watchout for.
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Re: 4cx250B 80m to 10m

Postby v51pj » Mon May 16, 2011 7:37 am

as ek in die kaap kom sal ek jou myne se fotos stuur

myne was van onder tot uhf
ek het net die inputs gechange
en die outputs was koper stawe - plat stukke wat gevorm was vir elke band

ek het meestal 6m 2m en 70cm gebruik en nooit die hf gedeelte nie alhoewel als nog daar is?? weet nie na die diefstal wat nog oor is nie hi!!
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